Welcome to critteriddance.com!

Okay, so you’ve stumbled across this page – welcome!! So you may ask, what is critteriddance.com? Well, critteriddance is a periodic attempt to throw a spotlight on evolution’s losers, malcontents & weenies, in a humourous, if not scathing, light.

But first, we’d like to present to you our corporate staff, associates and business partners:

Team leaders Raye, Moe & Buffin


Head Researcher Tass


Web Engineers Shinee & Warp


Evolutionary Accuracy Expert Snappy

IMG_7220 (1)

Office Security Winken, Tuquaine, Blinken


Technical Advisor Locutie


Chief Ringer Donny


Heads of P(rom)otions & Hardwere(wolves) Birch & Howl


Office Physician Tomas


Leaf Blower Technician Fold


And our Captains Of Industry, Jacques & Pantz



On occasion (as payroll is sporadic at best), we will attempt to spotlight some of the more spectacular fails that have had the displeasure to be linked to the evolutionary fence. But since critteriddance is indeed a democracy, feel free to send us images of any original (no copyrighted images please!!) photos, mug shots, drunken midnight crayon scrawls, bas reliefs or daguerrotypes of any victims you might feel deserve their 15 seconds of infamy. Send said images to: critteriddance@gmail.com and who knows what we might discover & come up with? After all, No one in the Internets can hear you Misbehave.